Azure Massage Therapy

    A natural approach to greater healing


Our mission is to provide high-end therapeutic massage in a caring, soothing, professional environment. We offer massage in a variety of styles – traditional Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Basalt Heated Stone Massage, Reflexology and Prenatal Massage. Our professionally trained massage therapist offers the finest in massage techniques, customer service, client care and overall comfort.  Our pricing is based off of time and not services, we offer any variety of massage as your overall package so that you can achieve optimum healing. 

Want Heated Stone Therapy with your Deep Tissue treatment?  Fine with us, there is no extra charge for that! 

Benefits of Massage

Relieves Pain:  Massage stimulates the release of endorphins helping to alleviate soreness, aches and pains associated with everything from muscle and joint pain to arthritis.

Reduces Stress:  Relaxes your body and mind, reduce anxiety, gives a general sense of well-being.

Improves Circulation:  Increase blood flow throughout the body through the actions of massage.  This allows for reduced heart rate, lower blood pressure, improves waste elimination and helps to relax the muscles.  

Boosts the Immune System:  Studies have shown that massage stimulates an increase in the number of cells in the body which helps to protect us from disease and illness.

Rehabilitate:  Reduces swelling, improves range of motion, relieves muscles aches and stiffness, helps heal scar tissue.

Nerve Compression:  Helps to relieve or eliminate nerve entrapment such as carpel tunnel and sciatica.

Overall Well-Being:  Improved mood, Lessening of depression, Reduced anger and aggression, Improved sleep patterns, Reduces fatigue, Helps reduce pregnancy related pain and discomfort, and so much more!